Winchester Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Winchester Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Winchester, IN

Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements 

HWC’s services for this project included a preliminary engineering study on the collection system and treatment facility. The first project completed as a result of the study was at the wastewater treatment plant. During the study, it was determined that the utility could save energy considerable energy costs by completing a secondary treatment process renovation.

The project design addressed replacement of the coarse bubble diffusers with new fine bubble diffusers and the installation of new, smaller Hp blowers. The 2.2 MGD plant originally utilized 4 – 150Hp blowers to deliver air throughout the plant. The new design utilizes 3 – 75Hp blowers.

The project was financed through an Energy Savings program. The equipment was installed in 2006.

Martinsville Wastewater Treatment Plant Renovation

Martinsville Wastewater Treatment Plant Renovation

Martinsville, IN

Wastewater Treatment Plant Renovation 

This project was necessary in order to meet the ammonia-nitrogen removal limits required by the plant’s new NPDES permit.

Project Highlights:

  • Project Cost $7.5M; Construction Cost $6.6M
  • Planning, design, construction engineering, construction observation
  • Treatment processes designed to reduce effluent ammonia
  • New peak capacity of 6.25 MGD
  • Financed with low interest IDEM SRF program
  • Utilized existing tanks as part of construction
  • New headworks facility with fine screening and grit removal
  • Conversion of the existing package plants entirely to aeration
  • Two new clarifiers, a sludge return pump station
  • A new inline UV disinfection system
  • New parshall flume metering structure and aerobic sludge digester tanks to supplement the existing biosolids facilities (belt press)
  • Major renovation of a lift station
  • New laboratory and control building