Zionsville Irongate Storm Sewer Improvements Study

Zionsville Irongate Storm Sewer Improvements Study

Zionsville, IN

Irongate Storm Sewer Improvements Study

HWC provided engineering and survey services for Zionsville, Indiana to complete the development of a stormwater planning study for the Irongate Storm Sewer system and contributing drainage watershed. The study area was generally the area west of Ford Road, south of Oak Street, east of Lexington Drive, and north of the adjacent subdivision located south of the Irongate Subdivision.

The project included collecting GIS data which was then provided to the town, allowing them to update their own GIS system with more detailed information. Additionally, research into easements, property ownership, and sewer ownership was completed.

Through analysis of the existing system, HWC Engineering recommended two phases of proposed improvements that address the drainage issues. The study was completed in 2015 and construction of the first phase of improvements began in 2020.

Batesville Stormwater Improvement Projects

Batesville Stormwater Improvement Projects

Batesville, IN

Stormwater Improvement Projects

HWC provided survey, design, bidding, construction engineer, and inspection services for the six projects identified in the Batesville Stormwater Planning Study.

The six projects include:

    1. EGS Culvert Replacement & Ditch Improvements
    2. Huntersville/Woodlawn Storm Improvements
    3. Ripley/Vine Storm Sewer Replacement
    4. Sycamore Lake Water Quality Improvements
    5. Central Avenue Storm Sewer
    6. Park Avenue Storm Sewer

The projects included approximately 4,000 linear feet of storm sewer installation, along with a culvert replacement, ditch grading, and hydrodynamic separator.

The projects were completed at a construction cost of $1.3 million with construction funded through an OCRA grant.

Muncie Madison Street Stormwater

Muncie Madison Street Stormwater

Muncie, IN

Madison Street Stormwater

HWC provided planning, design, and project management services for the Madison Street Underpass Flooding Mitigation project in Muncie, Indiana.

Utilizing conveyance upgrades in conjunction with stormwater pumping and storage, HWC addressed a critical drainage hazard in the heart of Muncie. Madison Street, the arterial north/south road through the City, crosses under three railroad lines, which creates a regional low-point that ties into one of the City’s CSO trunk-lines.

The study included hydrologic modeling of contributing watersheds, hydraulic modeling of several nearby CSO and separate storm sewer systems, and the development of numerous design alternatives to determine a solution to address persistent flooding and stormwater collection.

The recommended project provided capacity for the 100-year event and had an approximate cost of $6.7 million. The first phase of the project provides protection up to a 10-year event at an initial approximate cost of $4.0 million. Future phases, if implemented will bring the system up to the full 100-year capacity.

Improvements included two 13,000 GPM 250 Hp storm pumps, two 1,600 GPM 20 Hp force main pumps, a 750,000 gallon ground storage tank, 2,200’ of 16” force main directionally drilled, backup generator, wet well, control valves, and 500’ of gravity storm sewers to the station. The first phase was funded via the Guaranteed Savings/Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMAX) procurement method and Bowen Engineering was the selected savings provider/contractor, working closely with HWC’s staff during design.

West Terre Haute Stormwater Master Plan

West Terre Haute Stormwater Master Plan

West Terre Haute, IN

Stormwater Master Plan

HWC completed a stormwater master plan for West Terre Haute, Indiana, a town with a long history of drainage and flooding problems. Several levee systems were constructed in the 1960s and 1970s to protect the town from high river stage events.

While the levee system was effective, the town’s internal (minor) drainage systems were inadequate. No comprehensive solution existed to provide positive drainage within the town when the river stage was up and the flood gates for the gravity drainage outlet pipes through the levee were closed. During Wabash River flood events, temporary pumping facilities were set up to discharge excess water.

Worthington Stormwater Improvements Study

Worthington Stormwater Improvements Study

Worthington, IN

Stormwater Improvements Study

HWC completed an IOCRA approved planning grant funded study evaluating the Town’s wastewater and stormwater infrastructure and recommending improvements to the system components for the Town of Worthington, Indiana, located in Greene County.

Regarding the stormwater analysis, first, a Neighborhood Drainage Survey was prepared, distributed, collected, compiled, and analyzed by HWC. The responses to this survey helped identify six key areas within the Town where stormwater drainage was a problem. From these results, HWC further reviewed and analyzed existing systems and developed recommended stormwater system improvements, including the installation of new storm sewers/inlets, rehabilitation of existing sewers/ditches, re-grading existing ditches, installation of new pipes under the existing railroad, construction of new outlet ditches, new drywell structures, and an overflow detention basin. HWC prioritized the improvements into phases to maximize the benefit to the Town based on the funding source. The overall recommendations of all phases had an estimated cost of approximately $2.8M. However, given the availability of Disaster Relief (DR II) funds through IOCRA in the amount of $1M, the phase recommended, based on the location and priority, was estimated at $965,000, thus allowing use of the use of the DR II $1M grant funds.