Muncie, IN

Madison Street Stormwater

HWC provided planning, design, and project management services for the Madison Street Underpass Flooding Mitigation project in Muncie, Indiana.

Utilizing conveyance upgrades in conjunction with stormwater pumping and storage, HWC addressed a critical drainage hazard in the heart of Muncie. Madison Street, the arterial north/south road through the City, crosses under three railroad lines, which creates a regional low-point that ties into one of the City’s CSO trunk-lines.

The study included hydrologic modeling of contributing watersheds, hydraulic modeling of several nearby CSO and separate storm sewer systems, and the development of numerous design alternatives to determine a solution to address persistent flooding and stormwater collection.

The recommended project provided capacity for the 100-year event and had an approximate cost of $6.7 million. The first phase of the project provides protection up to a 10-year event at an initial approximate cost of $4.0 million. Future phases, if implemented will bring the system up to the full 100-year capacity.

Improvements included two 13,000 GPM 250 Hp storm pumps, two 1,600 GPM 20 Hp force main pumps, a 750,000 gallon ground storage tank, 2,200’ of 16” force main directionally drilled, backup generator, wet well, control valves, and 500’ of gravity storm sewers to the station. The first phase was funded via the Guaranteed Savings/Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMAX) procurement method and Bowen Engineering was the selected savings provider/contractor, working closely with HWC’s staff during design.