Seymour Burkart Boulevard/Southern Bypass

Seymour Burkart Boulevard/Southern Bypass

Seymour, IN

Burkart Boulevard/Southern Bypass

HWC is responsible for full-time inspection of the construction of Burkart Boulevard Phase I. The project is 2.3 miles of new roadway, a bridge over the L&I Railroad, along with a multi-use trail located in Seymour, Indiana.

Phase I is a new segment of roadway to provide a bypass to Freeman Field from US 50. The scope of this project included clearing of farm fields and some wooded areas. Constructing new embankments and roadway, installing drainage culverts and several box culverts. The project has a single span bridge over the L&I Railroad and a long segment of MSE Wall from each end bent east and west of the railroad. The project has new asphalt pavement with a roundabout at the O’Brien Street intersection. The contract has a paved multi-use trail along the entire length. Included also is installing guard rail, pavement markings and signage, and lighting at the roundabout.

The roundabout will be open to traffic this November. The contract completion date is October 31, 2021. The $17.3 million LPA project was funded by the City of Seymour and Indiana Department of Transportation.

Muncie Wheeling Avenue Reconstruction

Muncie Wheeling Avenue Reconstruction

Muncie, IN

Wheeling Avenue Reconstruction

HWC is responsible for full time inspection of the Wheeling Avenue project in Muncie, Indiana. 

Project includes both resurfaced and fully reconstructed sections of roadway with widening. Applicable signage and traffic signals to be placed. New sidewalk and corresponding drive approaches, curb and ADA ramps to be installed on the east and west sides of Wheeling Avenue. New storm sewer pipe and structure installation throughout project limits. 

The project is funded by INDOT and the City of Muncie. Project cost is approximately $4,249,325.

Vigo County Lafayette Avenue

Vigo County Lafayette Avenue

Vigo County, IN

Lafayette Avenue

HWC is responsible for the oversight, and protection of our client: Vigo County, the Indiana Department of Transportation, and FHWA. This includes the full-time inspection, testing, documentation, invoicing, and close-out of the construction operations involved. This LPA project was completed at an estimated cost of $1,059,402.10. Construction was completed in August 2019 with a completion date of June 30, 2020, for the notice of termination. 

Contract was for the widening of this stretch of roadway to accommodate two lanes of traffic with a center turn lane, improving site drainage, updating traffic signal and pedestrian cross walk at the local Junior High School, and reestablishing the southbound turn lane activation loops at the Haythorne Avenue traffic signal.

Bloomington Adams Street Sidewalk & Intersection Improvements

Bloomington Adams Street Sidewalk & Intersection Improvements

Bloomington, IN

Adams Street Sidewalk & Intersection Improvements

HWC is providing full-time inspection for the sidewalk and intersection improvement project along Adams Street from Patterson to Kirkwood.  

This .21 mile long project will allow safer pedestrian and bicycle travel along this corridor by installing planters and other deterrents to protect these pedestrians.

The project is being constructed in four phases to ensure commuter access is maintained throughout construction.  

Other work elements include construction of new sidewalk, installation of a modular block wall, traffic signal modifications at the Adams and Kirkwood intersection, and geometric modifications to accommodate the new bike lanes.  

Construction on the project began in March of 2020 and is expected to be completed in September of 2020. This project is fully funded by the City of Bloomington and is expected to cost $1,259,943.00.

Indianapolis Resurfacing & Related Items in Marion County Area #1

Indianapolis Resurfacing & Related Items in Marion County Area #1

Indianapolis, IN

Resurfacing & Related Items in Marion County Area #1

HWC was responsible for inspection services of the Resurfacing in Marion County Sector 1 project in Indianapolis, Indiana. A total of 33 individual street sections were included in this package.

Project work included replacement of portions of existing curb and gutter, sidewalk, and ADA ramps as well as addition of new sidewalk sections to connect existing to future trails, both asphalt and PCCP base repair, roadway mill and resurface, new and revised sections of pavement markings and areas of full roadway reconstruction.

The project was funded by Indianapolis Department of Public Works for approximately $4.0 million.