White County, IN

Bridge #227 Replacement and CR 300 East Reconstruction

HWC evaluated CR 300E from CR 1200S to CR 1250S for current safety conditions due to past accidents and public concern. The evaluation found the existing roadway geometry is equivalent to a design speed of 20 mph. In addition, Bridge 227 over Moots Creek is in the middle of this road segment and was identified for replacement through the bridge inspection. Based upon this information, White County proceeded with a 45 mph design speed for project development for the corridor to balance the factors of construction cost, construction impact to residents, safety improvements, and required no relocations.  The final project scope included 0.6 miles of reconstructed roadway, a single-span, welded-plate girder bridge using galvanized rebar and galvanized steel, retaining walls, intersection design, drainage design, waterway permits, design minimization to wetlands & Moots Creek, driveway relocations, ROW acquisition of 12 parcels, and construction inspection. The project was bid in April 2020 and completed in May 2021 with 100% local funds. 

This project utilized the unique technique and materials of galvanized structural steel, galvanized rebar, and fiber reinforcement in the concrete bridge deck and approach slabs. The previous bridge was built in 1981 and needed replacement after less than 40 years of service. The galvanized steel and rebar are anticipated to achieve the target 100-year bridge service life with limited maintenance requirements.

This project was recognized as a 2022 State Finalist for ACEC’s Engineering Excellence award.