White County, IN

Bridge #171 Replacement

HWC worked with White County to complete the Bridge #171 Replacement project. As part of the project, HWC completed bridge and roadway design, hydraulic analysis, waterway permitting, specifications, utility coordination, right-of-way acquisition, bidding, and construction administration services.

The existing bridge was an 82’ adjacent pre-stressed concrete box beam bridge built in 1969. The bridge had deteriorated to require a 12-ton load limit. Additionally, the roadway width was not sufficient for farm equipment, and the guardrail did not meet current standards. The new bridge included a 98’ multi-beam superstructure with integral end bents for minimized maintenance. The new bridge also included standard bridge railing, guardrail, and a 32’ wide roadway.

The project also included farm field drives for legal drain access in all four quadrants. Utilities were considered throughout the design process to minimize relocation impacts and avoid costly relocation expenses.