West Lafayette, IN

Safe Routes to School Infrastructure

The Safe Routes to Schools Infrastructure project improved pedestrian access around Cumberland Elementary School and Happy Hollow Elementary School.

Cumberland Elementary School improvements include two crosswalks along Cumberland Avenue, new curb ramps and sidewalks, and solar-powered flashing school zone beacons. One crosswalk was relocated to improve its visibility to vehicular traffic leaving the school parking lot. Surface sidewalks were constructed to provide connectivity between the walkways on the campus and street.

Happy Hollow Elementary School updates include three crosswalks. These crosswalks were improved by constructing new curb ramps, crosswalk pavement markings, and solar-powered flashing school zone beacons. A crosswalk on New Salisbury Street is in the middle of a steep vertical grade, so the flashing beacons provide advanced warning and security for the students crossing at this location.
The flashing beacons used at each school are programmable to allow school personnel to adjust the timing for those days when school has a special schedule.

These improvements were recognized in an award received by the City of West Lafayette for the benefits from utilization of Safe Routes to Schools funding.