Warren County, IN

Bridge Thin Deck Overlay

HWC provided construction inspection services for the thin deck polymeric overlay on SR 28 over Fall Branch, 1.73 miles west of US 41, and on SR 28 over Mud Run 1.52 miles west of SR 63.

The project consisted of deck cleaning and preparation on both bridges, including line removal, bead blasting, RPM removal, and hand grinding, with a few partial depth patches on Fall Branch Bridge. This was followed by linear grading and mulched seeding from the edge of the shoulder to the slope of the ditch on both bridges. Polymeric overlay material was applied to both bridges in 2 lifts for a total of approximately 904 square yards. A total of 94 linear feet of compressed 3” expansion joint was replaced and installed on the Mud Creek Bridge. Lastly, new striping was placed atop both structures.

This project was funded by INDOT and cost approximately $345,952.99 for both bridges.