Terre Haute, IN

Stormwater Separation: Edgewood Grove and Oakland Subdivisions

HWC worked with Terre Haute, Indiana to complete the Edgewood Grove and Oakland Stormwater Separation Project. The stormwater drainage problems present in the subdivisions had progressively worsened, causing the pavement, curbs, and gutters to deteriorate.

The initiation of the Brown Boulevard Extension Project necessitated stormwater handling facilities to serve the new boulevard. Given their proximity to the project, the Edgewood Grove and Oakland subdivisions were combined with the improvements needed for the new boulevard project. Improvements included stormwater drainage structures through both neighborhoods. In addition to improving stormwater drainage, the storm sewer system also eliminated a large amount of flow from entering the City’s combined sewer system, which decreased the impact of rain events and helped mitigate the impact of combined sewer overflows.

The drainage design within the Oakland subdivision includes collector storm sewers that now convey flow from the neighborhood to a new 45 CFS lift station. A 36” force main transfers flows from the station to the Thompson Ditch outlet. The storm sewer improvements within Edgewood Grove include 24- through 66” sewers to collect stormwater from the neighborhood and outlets from surrounding neighborhoods. The storm sewer system discharges to Thompson Ditch via an existing 84” storm sewer that was rehabilitated in this project.

Because the area was disturbed with the installation of the stormwater handling facilities, additional reconstruction was completed at the public transportation areas within the subdivisions. Reconstruction included new streets, sidewalks, curbs, and a new median. Streets were also widened for improved traffic flow.