Monrovia, IN

Strategic Plan and Comprehensive Plan

After years without a clear direction or plan of how to deal with new development, Monrovia’s leadership decided they needed to take measures to prevent losing control over the direction of the community.

HWC assisted the Town by first creating a strategic plan which helped identify and prioritize the immediate concerns and priorities for the community.

Following the strategic plan, the Town proceeded with an update to its comprehensive plan, which was over 24 years old. HWC helped define appropriate future land use changes. HWC also identified key areas of the community in which residents hoped to protect, as well as areas where there was an overall comfort level with accepting new development. The plan also helped identify desired development standards, types, and densities to better help the Town leadership communicate with potential businesses and Developers who may consider relocating to Monrovia.

HWC and Civic Blueprint rounded out this planning effort by updating the Town’s unified development ordinance that included two overlay districts.