Indianapolis, IN

Michigan Road Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion – Clay Township Regional Waste District

This project consisted of the planning, design, and construction phases for the Michigan Road Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion. The planning phase created a master plan to allow up to 12 MGD treatment capacity on the existing plant site for this fast growing area northwest of Indianapolis in Hamilton County, west of Carmel, and east of Zionsville.

The $7.5 million project called for design of a 1.5 MGD plant expansion for a average design plant capacity of 2.55 MGD. The design incorporated a new state-of-the-art preliminary treatment building with odor control, vertical loop reactors to handle peak flows experienced by the District, a secondary clarifier, a return activated sludge pumping station, chemical feed system, solids handling improvements, a UV disinfection system, and post aeration. The 3 existing secondary clarifiers were retrofitted with effluent launder covers and the weirs were modified after they were found to be out of level during the planning phase. The project underwent a staggered construction sequence to facilitate the plant’s need to remain completely in service while the new facilities were constructed.

As mentioned the District service area is experiencing rapid growth and to accommodate this rapid growth strong emphasis was put into the expandability of each structure/process with many sized for the next expansion of another 1.5 MGD.