Indianapolis, IN

Citizens Energy Group/DPW – Lift Station 507 Upgrade

The scope of the project included renovating and upgrading existing wet weather storage and pumping facility to allow for enhanced treatment of CSO events. The work required the addition of a self-cleaning screening system, a sodium hypochlorite disinfection system, dechlorination with sodium biosulfate, and necessary chemical storage. The washdown system was replaced with a tipping bucket system. Additional work included sluice gates, structural improvements, 1,000 GPM dewatering pumps, flow/level sensors, backup generator, new SCADA, and electrical/power components. The renovation included the installation of a green roof and miscellaneous site improvements. Significant coordination was required with the Riviera Club due to their normal activities and children present throughout the duration.  

The work was required as a part of the City’s CSO Long Term Control Plan program.  

The project was, in part, funded by the State Revolving Loan Fund 100%. Construction cost was approximately $4,800,000.00.