Hamilton County, IN

Bridge #238 Rehabilitation

HWC worked with Hamilton County to complete the Bridge #238 Rehabilitation project. 

The project included reconstruction and widening of the bridge on Lakeshore Drive over Carmel Creek. The 75’ long, 43’ wide structure consisted of three simple spans of adjacent box beams. The bridge was completely removed down to the substructure piling.

As a result of low pile loads and the soil strata, new helical piles were used to widen the bridge. The existing pier steel shell piles were repaired and encased. 

The reconstructed bridge also includes a 14” continuous reinforced concrete slab with semi-integral end bents, integral piers, reinforced concrete approach slabs, and 5’ sidewalks on each side of the bridge. 

Approach roadway work was kept to a minimum because the low construction depth of the concrete slab superstructure allowed the existing profile grade to be maintained while improving hydraulic capacity under the bridge.