Delaware County, IN

Bridge #516 Replacement

HWC provided design, project management, and inspection services for the Bridge #516 Replacement project in Delaware County, Indiana.

Although the project was originally scoped as a bridge rehabilitation, a full replacement was found to be the most cost effective, long-term solution due to the extensive necessary sub-structure repair work. The existing four-span bridge was replaced with a three-span, 320-foot-long bridge carrying four lanes of Tillotson Avenue over the White River. Annual average daily traffic is more than 14,000 cars per day. The design accounted for and incorporated the four utilities attached to the bridge.

The bridge was reconstructed with a full road closure rather than phased construction to provide cost savings to the County and reduce detours and delays to the traveling public. Impact to the adjoining neighborhood park was avoided, eliminating the need for a CE-4 document and reducing the project cost.