Clay County, IN

Bridge Replacement On SR 46 Over Killion Ditch

HWC provided full-time inspection on this INDOT on-call project. There were two bridges reconstructed within this one contract.

Work elements encompassed within the first bridge structure included the following:

  • Removal of the existing bridge deck
  • Driving piling and pouring concrete for the construction of new bents and piers
  • Placing new beams, reinforcing steel and concrete for phase 1 at 301’ 6” by 16’ 6” and phase 2 at 301’ 6” by 23’ 10”
  • Constructing new concrete bridge approaches
  • Building up and constructing existing roadway to match the bridge elevation
  • Placing asphalt and pavement markings for both ends of the project
  • Placing seed and planting trees as per plan sheet

The second structure in this contract had the shell piling repainted and the original bridge deck was patched. A thin deck overlay was then placed atop the bridge deck.

This project was completed in June of 2020 at a cost of $4.44 million.